ACM UrbSys ’19 International Workshop, Nov 12, 2019, Columbia University

The 1st International Workshop on Building Energy Sensing, Controls, Big Data Analysis, and Visualization (UrbSys ’19) co-chaired by Ravi Srinivasan and Mahabir Bhandari was held on November 10, 2019 in Columbia University. UrbSys ’19 brought together experts from both U.S. national labs (ORNL, PNNL, ANL, LBNL) and academia. This workshop captured recent exciting work by research experts, from U.S. universities and U.S. national laboratories, at this nexus that supports sustainable urban systems’ design and engineering through state-of-the-art sensing, controls, modeling, and visualization. Three plenary speakers (Teja Kuruganti, ORNL; Mary Ann Piette, LBNL, and Carol Menassa, UMich) shared their work. A lightning round of presentations from UrbSys ’19 paper authors was followed by two discussion topics (see agenda for details). Among others, the outcome of this workshop is the publication of an upcoming book titled, “Urban Building Energy Sensing, Controls, Big Data Analysis, and Visualization (UrbSys): Past, Present, and the Future” edited by Ravi Srinivasan (University of Florida), Mahabir Bhandari (Oak Ridge National Lab/ ORNL), Joshua New (ORNL, and Carol Menassa (University of Michigan). More information (CFP, TPC) is available here:

UrbSys ’19 Workshop Proceedings is available @ ACM Digital Library:

Workshop Agenda:Urbsys 2019 Agenda.png

Visual Map (Agenda)
UrbSys Agenda Visual Map.png

UrbSys ’19 pics

UrbSys combined.png




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