Urban Building Energy Sensing, Controls, Big Data Analysis, And Visualization (UrbSys) Lab @ Rinker School, UF

Visit UrbSys Lab website at http://urbsys.org/; physical address is: 2610 SW 23rd Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32608, USA

UrbSys Lab is located in Solar Decathlon House, a net-positive building, that was designed in 2010; re-built in Gainesville in 2014. The project was led by Prof. Robert Ries. The house is 797-square-feet, and includes elements from historic Florida houses such as the North Florida vernacular Cracker House. Some of the borrowed elements include a covered open porch, a breezeway or “dog trot” oriented to the prevailing wind and a porous, breathable building skin.

One comment

  1. The approach is very interesting and in my opinion it would be the reality of the construction industry in near future.

    I myself was always fascinated with the BIM approach in pre-construction design, maintaining logistic chain and facility management. I was familiar with such research projects conducted by big Japanese construction companies like Takenaka Co, Obayashi Co., always aspired to work on such a project, had one paper published on such topic. Keeping eye on your works.


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