Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Studio; An Integrated Neighborhood Infrastructure for the 21st Century


Download the studio report to see the preliminary designs: golf_view_neighborhood_infrastructure

In 2016 , I co-taught the IPD studio with Professor Emeritus Kim Tanzer, University of Virginia who is on sabbatical to UF, and Robert Holmes. The project focused on an integrated approach to neighborhood infrastructure for the 21st century. The neighborhood selected for this studio is platted in 1926 and located adjoining the UF campus. Experts from the City of Gainesville Public Works and Gainesville Regional Utilities staff were invited to participate in the design. Following a period of research, analysis, and iterative designs, a final proposal will be presented to the neighborhood, the City, and the public, along with University experts.  Student teams included Architecture, Landscape Arch., Construction Management.



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