Neighborhood- and building- level assessments in Dynamic-SIM Workbench

Dynamic Sustainability Information Modeling (Dynamic-SIM) Workbench allows seamless analysis across two levels — the neighborhood- and building- levels.

At the neighborhood level, users will be able to import the features (exported from GIS layers), and other pertinent information overlaid on parcels, and perform analysis including, but not limited to, (1) Life Cycle Impact assessment studies at neighborhood level using publicly available data; (2) neighborhood level tracking of building materials, energy used in the manufacturing process; (3) toward a “balanced” approach to Neighborhood Sustainability Assessment that will comprise of analysis related to connectivity to existing urban infrastructure, integration with current neighborhood, connectivity to transportation network environmental and agricultural land status and more!

At the building level, users will be able perform analysis ranging from energy to embodied energy calculations, particularly, (1) using a in-built calculator, perform energy, emissions, and emergy evaluation by inputting material quantities organized under seven categories; (2) click and analyze building energy use (electricity, chilled water, steam, water), which is benchmarked with their peers; (3) “walk into” the building and identify thermal zones for abnormalities and other issues, and conduct “what if” scenarios from within the Workbench through connection to EnergyPlus; and more!

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