Solar Mobile Kiosk – Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Course

Co-taught with C. Hailey, this studio focused on designing and building an environment- friendly mobile outreach hut for the University of Florida’s Office of Sustainability. Modeled on a bike trailer, this small-scale project allows for intensive exploration of material detail, energy intensity, and cost; project scheduling, and fabrication;, and the relationship between shelter, the human body, and landscape. The studio project provided an opportunity to explore both static and kinetic architectural systems. Throughout the semester, students also gained experience discussing the project with the hut’s user group in a variety of settings, which was analyzed for their climatic, spatial, and formal relation to the mobile unit. Ideas of play and games as educational tools were also investigated within the construct’s components.

See this YouTube video that shows how the solar-enabled mobile kiosk can be setup in few minutes:

View the story on WCJB-TV20; this project was covered in local news
View photos on UF-DCP Facebook page


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